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Boboli Garden

Behind Palazzo Pitti hides the Boboli Garden, a park with 45,000 square metres, which is the largest green area in Florence. The history of the park began when the Medici family bought Palazzo Pitti in 1550. At the beginning, the park included only the area located between the palace and the Fort Belvedere. It was in the seventeenth century that extended up to the southeast. The garden was opened to the public in 1766. What is there to see in the Bowling Garden? Caves, fountains, pergolas, a small lake and numerous marble statues. If you want to travel the garden completely and without haste, you will have to devote at least two or three hours to the visit. One of the most important places in the park is its ancient amphitheatre. In the centre there is an Egyptian obelisk, which was brought here from Villa Medici to Rome.

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