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Our history

Who look Il Valentino Luxury Houses and see it as a unitary structure are actually mistaken, because this dwelling is nothing more than the last piece of a long puzzle.

Our 6 apartments, where 5 are dedicated to tourism, and 1 to our offices, until several years ago were separate units, owned by 5 different owners.

But let’s go with order and visit every single luxury apartment, starting from the top of the building:


This apartment was for years the residence of a well-known Florentine Painter and the
present attic (La Mansarda) was the room dedicated to the ceilings.
When the Painter left, the owner restructured everything and gave life to the first tourists accommodation located in the apartment with terrace (La Terrazza) and the ceilings became his home, La Mansarda.


Initially in part it was a Dentistry and a Workshop of Upholstery, with 3 different owners. In 2006 everything was purchased by Perini Family and the merger gave birth to the apartment called Ottomano.
Also in 2006, Perini Family buys LA TERRAZZA and LA MANSARDA.


This apartment was owned by a well-known Florentine lawyer and rented for many years
to Ms Alice B. (hence her name )
It was purchased by Perini Family in 2007 and renovated in the same year.

For the last 2 born, LOFT and LUCE the story is much longer. Originally, until 2018, these two apartments were actually two commercial funds, home of the Ancient Tapestry Perini, born in 1870.


Born as a commercial fund and shop of furniture and chandeliers, in the year 2000 Perini Family bought it.


Originally were two commercial funds merged and purchased by Perini Family in the 1970s, and home of the Tapestry Prerini since 1939.
The 3 commercial funds will be home of the Tapestry Perini, in different years, from 1939 until 2018.

In 2017 born the project of transformation from commercial funds to housing units; works begin on 01/15/19 then finish on 12/08/19.

It takes 10 months and 23 days to create LOFT and LUCE

This is Valentino Luxury Houses: A story told in a few words, but long five generations.
From Perini’s Tapestry, to VALENTINO LUXURY HOUSES
1870 - 2020,
150 years of Perini Family, the last piece of the puzzle.

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